Hellas Avatar and Hellas Revenger join the Eco MR Pool

We are delighted to announce that LATSCO have committed another two vessels, Hellas Avatar and Hellas Revenger, to the Eco MR Pool, bringing the total number of the Greek owners’ vessels under Navig8 stewardship to nine.

Delivering in September 2022, LATSCO’s additions follow a successful 10-month relationship between Navig8 and the product tanker, gas and VLCC owners, who first came onboard in December 2021.


Vessel: Hellas Avatar

Yard: Hyundai Mipo

Delivery: September 2022

Deadweight: 49,997


Vessel: Hellas Revenger

Yard: Hyundai Mipo

Delivery: September 2022

Deadweight: 44,999

Clyde joins Navig8 commercially managed fleet

We are delighted to announce that Navig8 has entered into a new commercial management agreement with Prime Bulk. They have committed the first vessel, Clyde, to our commercially managed fleet, delivered on 10th June 2022.


Vessel: Clyde

Yard: New Century

Delivery: June 2022

Deadweight: 73,400

New Handy Pool formed

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new Handy Pool with four modern vessels, controlled by Seacon Shipping Group of Shandong, China.

These are the 34,800 Golden Camellia, Golden Dahlia, Golden Daisy (all built 2021) and Golden Lavender (built 2022).

Commercial Director, Jason P. Klopfer, comments following a busy period for Navig8, which sees the addition of eight LR2s, two LR1s, three aframaxes and one VLCC to its pools, within a month.

“We have experienced significant growth over recent weeks. Additions have come from pool commitments, commercial management agreements and support of outside partners sharing time charter exposure with Navig8” he said.