We offer a comprehensive range of services that meet the commercial, technical and operational management needs of shipowners, the logistics requirements of commodity movers, and practical expertise to support investors and financiers.

Commercial Management

With a demonstrated track record of revenue outperformance, cost efficiency and transparency, we have the largest independently managed fleet and widest pool member base.


Logistics and Advisory Support

Whatever the size or complexity of your needs, our experienced teams can design and deliver creative, intelligent logistics solutions and bespoke advisory services.


Fuel Services

Our unique position as a substantial ‘end user’ with suppliers allows us to offer a market-leading quality of bunker supply and service, enabling ship-owners and charterers to optimise the logistics and pricing of fuel procurement.



We are one of the leading and most diversified tonnage providers. Our global presence, commercial flexibility and fleet versatility enable us to optimise the transportation needs of commodity movers.


Asset Management

Spanning several shipping segments, Navig8 has created new companies, with substantial investor participation, that are poised to become substantive players in their chosen markets.


Finance, Risk Management and Investor Solution

We complement our commercial management services by offering employment optionality to owners. As an investor, we provide market access to others through structured products and joint ventures.