Who We Are

Operating one of the largest and most diverse fleets on the water, Navig8 Chemicals is consolidating the industrial chemicals shipping sector for the benefit of owners and charterers. Our vessel pools span the market, providing charterers with maximum flexibility as they seek to optimise cargo planning.

Combining a market-leading, commercially-minded chartering team and a relentless focus on transportation safety best practice, we have built a high-quality and extensive cargo base that combines relationship-driven volumes and contracted (CoA) business. We work closely with over 250 charterers globally, encompassing the leading market participants. Our track record of reliability and flexibility has enabled us to develop a CoA portfolio, with leading charterers, that typically provides 20-40% forward cargo coverage.

In addition to its pool management activities, Navig8 Chemicals is an active charterer. As an experienced shipowner and operator, we offer term employment options to owners, and chartered vessels are placed into the relevant Navig8 Chemicals pools. Typically, we have owned or controlled tonnage in most, if not all, pools and this is welcomed by pool members as a reinforcement of our commitment to optimal earnings performance.

As part of the Navig8 Group, Navig8 Chemicals accesses huge information flow generated by the world’s largest independently-managed pool fleet. By analysing and extracting value from this information, our team is able to devise optimised solutions to meet customers’ needs. Together with cost and operational efficiencies gained from our fleet size, we consistently deliver revenue outperformance for our new and existing pool members.