Who We Are

At Integr8, we recognize that the “one size fits all” approach to trading platforms, may not maximize the value certain customers can obtain when procuring their bunkers in the marketplace. That is why we have created a completely new trading platform. Ensuring that large and sophisticated customers secure their fuel needs in the most efficient way through our Fuel Management Solution.

Delivered by a highly-experienced team with global presence, Integr8 Fuels provides bunker trading and brokerage services to shipowners and operators that enables them to optimise fuel procurement. Based on: Efficient Bunkers Procurement, Absolute Transparency and Planning Advice.

With a global relationship base of vetted suppliers, and extensive knowledge and experience of vessel operations and local bunkering requirements, we deliver a market-leading quality of supply and service. Combined with availability of substantial credit capacity, we enhance the logistics, timing, terms and pricing of bunker procurement for customers.

To find out more information about Integr8 Fuel Management Solution and on our 2020 readiness please visit: www.integr8fuelmanagement.com