Fuel Management Solution

Efficient Bunkers Procurement

Our network of bunker traders across eleven offices worldwide, ensure that we have proper coverage of the market, with the buying power that comes from aggregating demand for the +6m mt we buy yearly for all our customers. Our Operation Desks work towards having all the involved parties aligned to ensure smooth operations and in the event of a claim our technical team evaluates and analyses each claim to mitigate losses. An interactive web platform provides hassle free transacting, giving the customer access to transactional and analytical tools in one single and easy to use platform.

Absolute Transparency

Central to the whole proposal is the relationship between the customer and Integr8.  The customer gets to see in real time prices as they are fixed, obtaining an unique view of the market basis actual fixtures. All the supporting paperwork of each fixture is made available to the customer electronically to support open book transacting and ease audit procedures. By design, Integr8 has no physical operation at any port, avoiding any misaligning of interests. A non-trading member of our team, oversees the services we render to each Fuel Management Solution customer, to avoid conflict of interests.

Planning Advice

Our worldwide reach creates an information network that is material in properly guiding our customers, both in main bunkering hubs and less transparent ports. Through several partnerships with key information suppliers, we offer timely and updated information through a unique and interactive platform.  The Account Manager assigned to each customer under our Fuel Management Solution has the role of thoroughly understanding what the customer aims to achieve when bunkering. We can assist in the production of an efficient bunkering plan and stay ahead of each customer’s needs. To find out more click here.