When did you decide you wanted a career in shipping?

Frankly speaking, I never thought that I will be in shipping industry in the first place. I had been working in transport and manufacturing industries for 8.5 years, before I joined my ex-boss, who was then the CFO of an established shipping company. As Senior Accountant, I was given the opportunity to take up an extensive portfolio, which included Ship Management accounts, Ship-owning accounts, Ship agency Accounts and Marine Consultancy accounts. I found my portfolio interesting and excel at my work, and consequently was headhunted by a Ship-owning company to lead and supervise the Finance Team in their newly set up ship management company in Singapore.


Why did you choose Navig8?

As I had gained fulfilling experience in the shipping industry for the past 5 years in my last 2 jobs, I had thus approached a recruitment agency, which specialized in shipping and maritime jobs, hoping to join back the shipping industry as an Accounting Professional. That was when I came across Navig8, my first interview after my long break. I read about Navig8, and was excited to learn that it was the world’s largest independent pool and commercial management company.


What has your experience been so far?

I would say that my experience in Navig8 is great so far! My work scope is by far challenging and I get to work with different nationalities. I love the fact that Navig8 takes care of the welfare and well-being of their employees, such as, comprehensive medical and dental insurance, monthly get-together breakfast at the pantry, CNY lucky draw, quarterly department’s team building etc.


What advice would you give to others considering a career in shipping?

Working in shipping industry can be a very rewarding career choice. There is a need for many types of talents in this industry and there are lots of directions that you could go by gaining experience in any area.


How do you feel you’ve developed since joining Navig8?

Since joining Navig8, I am better able to see the bigger picture and how my role relates to the overall goals of the organisation. My experience of working with others – both external and internal people of different nationalities – has contributed to my strong interpersonal skills.


How would you describe the organisational culture at Navig8?

Navig8 cares for their employees. In addition, the open office concept (i.e. having no walls, no doors) makes a team more cohesive, as people (especially the top management) become more approachable and it also improves inter-department communication.


How have you found the development opportunities at Navig8?

Navig8’s fleet and breadth of business activities are increasing steadily, and fairly quickly. This growth offers the potential for career challenge that inspire existing employees. Growing businesses in Navig8 offer change and the need to acquire new skills and knowledge, something which I think everyone (including myself) is seeking, as these experiences will increase job satisfaction and motivation.


What are your thoughts on training and development at Navig8?

In addition to the routine on-the-job training, I was given training on external software, and also attended a course, sponsored by Navig8, to keep myself abreast of the recent updates on US GAAP. Being a year with Navig8, I would say that the Company exhibit good management practices by providing me adequate training and a conducive environment for learning, which contributes to my personal and professional growth.


What advice would you give to others considering a Finance career in Shipping?

The experience gained will be very unique and rewarding, as Shipping is a very specialised industry. So, be open to explore the sea of opportunities and shore of possibilities!