Finance, Risk Management and Investor Solution

We complement our commercial management services by offering employment optionality to owners. As an investor, we provide market access to others through structured products and joint ventures.

TC Invest

TC Invest is a unique product. It offers investors the opportunity to take a position in any of a range of shipping markets through participation in a time charter for a vessel. This is then placed and traded in the relevant Navig8 pool.

Investment is made through the purchase by investors of one or more fixed-price units (typically, US$100k per unit). Downside is limited to the sum invested, and Navig8 takes a risk participation alongside investors that aligns the interests of all parties.

To date, Navig8 has concluded TC Invest structures on over 25 vessels, with US$25m invested by more than 50 investors.

TC Invest removes the costs, risks and infrastructure associated with physical vessel ownership, while simultaneously offering investors the opportunity to benefit from enhanced returns where higher earnings performance can be generated.

Please contact our Investor Solutions team to discuss your investment appetite and upcoming opportunities.

Joint Ventures

The information flow generated by our pool management and other Group businesses provides us with extensive, global insight into prevailing cargo, earnings and sale & purchase markets. We have a highly knowledgeable and innovative team, with a proven track record both in terms of performance and service. Importantly, for prospective partners, we adopt a flexible and open approach to business, making us easy to work with. This combination has proven attractive to many institutional and individual investors, who have found us to be an ideal JV partner.

Our joint venture activities are broad in nature. We have concluded over 70 time charter-focused JVs, with more than 20 different partners, in which the benefits and costs are equally shared.

More strategically, we have established partnerships since 2009 that have invested in new tonnage, created platforms for equity-raising and, more recently, formed a framework for the provision of vessel ownership and management services to investors and financiers.

Please contact our Investor Solutions team to discuss how we could combine our skills and knowledge with yours to deliver successful shipping projects.