Commercial Management

Pooling brings together multiple, like-minded owners, with vessels of similar type and characteristics, into distinct pools. Each is commercially managed by Navig8 as a single, cohesive fleet. Revenues are then collected, and voyage-related costs met, by the pool. Net earnings are distributed monthly to vessel owners (‘pool members’). This is in line with a pre-agreed ‘pool points’ weighting system that ensures each vessel receives its proportionate share of revenues.

An owner placing a vessel into a pool receives numerous benefits, including:

Revenue maximisation

Being part of a globally traded fleet that leverages our leading network of charterer relationships and strong cargo base, and minimizes vessel ballast times. This delivers consistent revenue out performance against market benchmarks.

Risk diversification

The aggregation of pool revenues, diversity of pool member base, quality of our charterers and robust credit risk management framework heavily mitigates counterparty risk for pool members.

Economies of scale

The size of our global fleet enables us to negotiate bulk purchasing discounts, which are passed on to enhance returns for pool members.

Optimised distributions to owners

We have over US$100m of pool credit lines in place with leading banks that support the maximisation of monthly earnings distributions to pool members.

Transparent and standardised reporting

Our web-based platform provides all pool members with comprehensive reporting and analysis. This includes market commentaries, earnings distribution reports, and annual audited financial statements.

We provide the broadest range of vessel pools in the market, covering the clean and dirty tanker (Navig8 Tanker)and specialist chemicals. (Navig8 Chemicals)