Cargo Chartering

Our constant unrelenting focus on meeting customers’ transportation requirements and providing excellent service has directly led to the growth and diversification of our managed fleet. This has enabled us to offer unparalleled flexibility to oil majors and commodity traders, whose needs often span different markets, vessel segments, cargo types and quantities. Our ability to accommodate them has led to deep relationships with leading market players – in effect, an ‘implicit’ contract of affreightment base.

In addition to exclusive access to certain customers’ in-house cargo volumes, and the relationship-based cargo volumes we carry, fleet development continues to be used strategically to build a contracted cargo base that provides additional structure to the trading network and support to the pool earnings base.

Whatever the size or complexity of your transportation needs, please contact us to discuss how we can turn the power of the fleet to your advantage.

Time Chartering

The trading culture that permeates our business ensures we are continually extracting optimal value from information flow to generate revenue outperformance. Our success, however, remains dependent on combining performance with reliable, high quality service, and commercial flexibility that makes us easy to do business with.

We consistently back ourselves to deliver superior revenues for the pools, and evidence this by chartering in vessels for our own account. To date, we have concluded over 160 charter-in commitments. These vessels are then placed into the relevant Navig8 pools, where we – alongside our pool members – become a pool participant on the same prevailing set of commercial terms. Pool members welcome this alignment of economic interest, and we typically have owned and/or controlled tonnage in most, if not all, pools.

Our active participation in the charter market fulfills a number of additional functions: increased versatility to meet customers’ needs, enhancement of customer relationships, and support for pool development. It also provides another valuable source of information that we use to support our commercial management services and maximise pool earnings performance.

Some owners prefer the revenue certainty of chartering-out vessels – which ties in well with the benefits we derive from chartering-in. As a result, we are well-placed to offer employment optionality to owners.

To discuss employment options for your fleet, please contact the Business Development & Projects team.