Who We Are

With an unrivalled combination of fleet scale, diversity and vessel quality, Navig8 Tankers’ pools provide charterers with superior flexibility to support cargo planning, and reliability of tonnage supply.

Together with a team that takes a commercial, customer-focused approach to business, Navig8 Tankers enjoys an extensive cargo base that blends relationship-driven business, encompassing all the leading commodity movers, with healthy contracted forward cargo coverage.

In addition to its pool management activities, Navig8 Tankers is an active charterer. As an experienced shipowner and operator, we offer term employment options to owners, and chartered vessels are placed into the relevant Navig8 Tanker pools. Typically, we have owned or controlled tonnage in most, if not all, pools and this is welcomed by pool members as a reinforcement of our commitment to optimal earnings performance.

By consistently delivering market outperformance, we continue to expand our pool membership. Today, Navig8 is the world’s fastest-growing commercial pool manager.