01. Commercial Management

We have grown our fleet size and pool member base year-on-year by consistently demonstrating the benefits of pooling through the generation of superior vessel earnings. This continuing success is founded on access to, and innovative usage of, the substantial information flow and market intelligence generated by our fleet, together with a first-rate management team that listens to and works with charterers to understand their needs and deliver optimised logistics solutions.

Navig8 Chemicals provides commercial management through a range of pools, each dedicated to specific market segments. Please see our fleet list for details of the pools and the vessels under management in each of them.

Each of the pools operates an objective, transparent vessel evaluation (“Pool Points”) system, which assesses every pool vessel’s trading characteristics (e.g. dwt, loading capacity, IMO status, trading exclusions) and performance, and attributes a Pool Point “score” to the vessel. Net pool earnings (after deduction of voyage and management costs) are distributed regularly to pool members according to each vessel’s Pool Points and its trading days in the relevant period.

All of the pools benefit from the enhancement of a receivables facility. This credit line, provided by a leading international bank, enables the pools to obtain cash advances on income earned but not yet received from charterers. With over US$25m of credit support for the Navig8 Chemicals fleet, we are able to most effectively transform revenue performance into enhanced cash distributions to our pool members.

02. Cargo Chartering

The versatility of our chemicals fleet and open, creatively-minded approach of our highly experienced team have formed the basis of an extensive global network of charterer relationships.

With a proven track record of offering and consistently delivering innovative logistics solutions for leading commodity movers, we have built a substantial portfolio of contracts of affreightment (CoAs). These CoAs provide the pools with known forward cargo volumes and a right of first refusal over some of the market’s most desirable voyages.

Our commitment to offering safety, reliability and reassurance to charterers is at the very core of our approach to business, and our success is reflected in the development of our relationships with charterers over many years.

Whatever the nature or complexity of your cargo needs, please contact our Business Development & Projects team to discuss how we can create the right solution

03. Time Charters

In addition to being a leading pool management provider, Navig8 Chemicals actively charters in vessels for its own account, or together with partners, that are then placed into the relevant pool. This activity enables us to offer owners employment optionality, and also aligns us with our pool members, demonstrating commitment and belief in our ability to deliver revenue outperformance.

Please contact our Business Development & Projects team and we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements.

04. Bunkering Services

Delivered by a highly experienced team with global presence, Integr8 Fuels provides bunker trading and brokerage services to shipowners and charterers, enabling them to optimise fuel procurement.

We are uniquely positioned to leverage our ‘end user’ status with suppliers to enhance the logistics, timing, pricing and payment conditions of bunker procurement for customers. We do this by aggregating demand from shipowners with the volumes we purchase as exclusive trader/broker to the global Navig8 fleet.

When combined with our extensive practical knowledge of vessel operations and local bunkering requirements, global relationship base of vetted suppliers and substantial credit capacity, we are able to provide customers with a market-leading quality of supply and service at a competitive price.

Please contact our Fuels team to discuss your bunkering needs.

05.Technical management

Navig8 Ship Management provides shipowners with high quality technical management services that are cost-effective and transparent. Our commitment to vessel and crew safety is absolute, and backed by the knowledge and focus of a hugely experienced onshore team.

With an in-house crewing recruitment and selection centre, our philosophy is to treat every vessel as our own – whether in terms of maintenance standards, operational effectiveness or cost-efficiency.

Alongside our core discipline of technical vessel management, we also offer shipowners a range of other specialist technical services, including superintendence, crew manning, and insurance placement.

Please contact our Technical Mgmt & Crewing team to discuss how we can assist you in the management of your vessel.

06. Logistics & advisory support

Our fleet profile and global presence allow us to put a uniquely flexible, comprehensive transportation platform at the disposal of our customers. Our very experienced commercial, chartering and technical teams work to deliver intelligent, creative solutions – regardless of the size or complexity of our customers’ needs.

We also deliver a range of bespoke advisory services for customers, including:
Provision of new-building design consultancy to investors looking for experienced technical advisory support and advice

  • New-building construction supervision
  • Vessel conversion and/or upgrade design and supervision
  • Portfolio management and/or market analysis for investors and financiers.

Please contact our Business Development & Projects team to discuss how we can support your operational, investment or strategic objectives with market-leading expertise.