Our Services

Fuel procurement & bunkering

As sole trader/broker to Navig8’s global pool-managed fleet, we have an especially strong knowledge base when it comes to fuel procurement planning and logistics, port supply and pricing dynamics, delivery options and oil specifications. This expertise enables us to work with you to optimise voyage planning, advise on port arbitrage opportunities, and ensure regulatory compliance. Making us the ideal partner for owners and operators: with extensive experience of interacting directly with a large diverse fleet, we know how to deliver bunker procurement in the most cost and time-efficient manner.

The strength of our supplier relationships enables us to access substantial credit lines, amounting to over US$400m. The solidity of our business, and the access to credit we consequently enjoy, allows us enhanced flexibility to meet our customers’ bunkering needs.

Bespoke projects & services

With capability and experience, we provide a range of specific services, including:

  • Debunkering services, for in-port, outside port limits (OPL) or high seas locations:
    • Outright purchase of ‘on-spec’ fuel
    • Storage of oil, and discharge back to same/different vessel (as nominated by owner)
  • Outright purchase or sale of ‘on-spec’ or ‘off-spec’ fuel oil / crude oil / slop / cargo tank washings
  • Barge mobilisation for product off-take (oil or chemical) whether in-port, OPL or on high seas
  • Used or unused lubeoil off-take / transfer services between vessels
  • High seas freshwater supply
  • Slops disposal.

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Extensive regional contacts with suppliers, combined with annual supply volumes exceeding 3 million litres, enable us to handle marine lubricant supply requirements globally.

Whether you are seeking marine lubricants for main engines, or synthetic products for a range of specialized uses, we can procure quality, leading brands of marine lubricants to meet your needs.

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Technical & claims support

With the exclusive fuel procurement mandate for the Navig8 pool-managed fleet, we have formed strong relationships with suppliers globally, which view us as a substantial end-user. In addition to making better terms available to our customers, these relationships also enable and commit us to provide high-quality claims support if problems do arise.

Our team, together with a dedicated claims manager, takes a timely, organized approach to claims support and settlement. From obtaining all relevant claim information, to assisting in claims analysis and proposing solutions, our excellent settlement track record reflects our commitment, experience and the knowledge to resolve disputes successfully and efficiently for our customers.

Fuel Management Solution

An interactive web platform gives access to all the transactional and analytical tools required for efficient bunker procurement. Providing absolute transparency and planning advice, each customer is assigned an account manager, ensuring the customer has a proper understanding of the market and the opportunities in it. We provide optimal pricing with vetted suppliers, minimizing the risk of claims, for decisions that take into consideration the broader picture 24/7.

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