Our Difference

Integr8 Fuels is uniquely positioned to maximise value for customers from the bunker procurement process and help suppliers offer the best pricing and terms.

Aggregate demand

As exclusive trader/broker to Navig8’s global pool fleets, we aggregate demand to negotiate better terms with suppliers and pass these benefits on to all our customers.

End-user relationship with suppliers

Strong relationships with suppliers give them opportunity to generate volume sales, conduct their business more simply, and enable us to more efficiently support resolution where customer/supplier disputes occur.

2020 Readiness

Quality is the single largest risk posed by changes to marine fuel regulation proposed by the IMO in 2020. Having the ability to foresee what quality is being delivered at any given time worldwide would enable our customers to take strategic decisions. Preempting this need, Integr8 has started to partner with several fuel testing laboratories, to come up with the first comprehensive real-time database of fuel quality and compatibility. Powered by +250k fuel test results annually, it will give the end user a unique perspective regarding fuel quality delivered across the globe. Find out more here.

Knowledge to support procurement planning

Strategically situated worldwide, our team has a strong operational focus and a detailed knowledge of port requirements, supply and pricing. By understanding our customers’ needs, we advise on and deliver bunker procurement that maximises value for them.

Risk management for suppliers

By aggregating bunker demand, we make credit, payment and operational risk management and administration simpler for suppliers.

Preferred terms from suppliers

Our strong supplier relationships go beyond securing better bunker purchasing terms to accessing supplier flexibility and goodwill to support and meet our customers’ bunkering needs.

Lower prices for customers

Bulk purchasing, and strong supplier relationships, enables us to offer lower prices to customers.

Attract more business

With greater business volumes, we are continuously able to negotiate better pricing for customers and further enhance the quality, reliability and geographic reach of our services.