Why did you choose Navig8?

Navig8 offers immense exposure in global trade for liquid and dry bulk shipping. The company’s business model has without a doubt proven its success throughout the years and moving forward we expect this strategy to lead the way by which our industry operates going forward. As we look ahead, tonnage growth will continue with strength and the majority of vessels will be allocated sparsely amongst a range of owners. Our business model has proven to help limit each Owners risk in volatile times and we expect growth to continue.


What has your experience been so far?

Every day is a new learning experience and with the size of our growing fleet each individual tends to have their hands in wide range of different situations at any given time. Being a fairly lean chartering team it is of utmost importance that we know the right contacts within each trade. As a chemical charterer we not only focus on chemicals but also cpp/dpp/veg oils/acid etc giving us invaluable knowledge across the liquid bulk sector.


What advice would you give to others considering a career in shipping?

Set long term goals but be patient, make the right contacts and build a knowable foundation in all areas of the trade including operations/demurrage/maritime law and chartering.


How do you feel you’ve developed since joining Navig8?

Navig8 has given me the opportunity to commercially advance my career in all areas of the trade. Trading on a predominately spot platform opens up relationships with most contacts in the palm/petrochemical and petroleum sectors. It’s a fast moving and exciting environment which challenges us every day, being active in all trades is advantageous commercially in order to stay top of current market conditions in order to optimize our fleet better than others.


How would you describe the organisational culture at Navig8?

The organizational culture at Navig8 is fairly flat allowing each individual the opportunity to calculate risk and make their own decisions. There’s an abundance of specialised knowledge and experience from each team member on the trading floor which we all take advantage of on a daily basis. It’s a team environment and the sharing of knowledge with one another throughout the day helps everyone stay focused on Navig8‘s target goals.


How have you found the development opportunities at Navig8?

Personnel experience throughout our global offices both operationally and commercially are without a doubt our biggest asset. We are fortunate enough to have quite a few ex Captains on our team which help to train others with less sea experience. Development in chartering as mentioned always expands on a daily basis as communication flows from office to office. Negotiating contracts of affreightments/time chartering tonnage in and out and fixing spot vsls routinely keeps us busy maintaining relationships with our customers and brokers.


What are your thoughts on training and development at Navig8?

Training takes place on the job and we feel the best way to gain experience is to jump in head first. This being said we will all take turns explaining and educating and watching over new colleagues until they are fully comfortable with working on their own.


What advice would you give to others considering a career in Chartering?

Walk before you run and learn the basics. Chartering can be a high energy/high pace exciting career choice with a lot of moving parts. It will of course challenge each individual to think outside of the box and make decisions which not only affect the short term but also the long term.