Transacting With Us

01. Commercial management

Through both buoyant and challenging markets, our pools have consistently grown. In response to owners’ desire for leading commercial management services, we have broadened the fleet base and increased the number and scope of the pools. Today, we are the largest independent, and most diversified, commercial management services provider in the world.

02. Time charters

Our extensive track record as a charterer evidences confidence in our ability to deliver revenue outperformance. With more than 160 charter-in commitments since our inception, we typically have owned or controlled tonnage in most or all of our pools. Our exposure to pool earnings aligns us with the interests of our pool members, and reinforces our commitment to revenue optimisation.

As both a pool manager and active charterer, we can offer shipowners a range of employment options to suit their needs. Please contact our Business Development & Projects team and we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements.

03. TC Invest

TC Invest is a unique product. It offers investors the opportunity to take a position in any of a range of shipping markets through participation in a time charter for a vessel. This is then placed and traded in the relevant Navig8 pool.

Investment is made through the purchase by investors of one or more fixed-price units (typically, US$100k per unit). Downside is limited to the sum invested, and Navig8 takes a risk participation alongside investors that aligns the interests of all parties.

TC Invest removes the costs, risks and infrastructure associated with physical vessel ownership, while simultaneously offering investors the opportunity to benefit from enhanced returns where higher earnings performance can be generated. Please contact our Investor Solutions team to discuss your investment appetite and upcoming opportunities.

04. Joint ventures

Our experience in accessing information and managing deal flow, combined with innovation and a strong performance record, makes us the ideal JV partner. We have concluded over 70 time charter-related JVs, with more than 20 partners, to date. Since 2009, we have also concluded key strategic partnerships for investment in vessels and, more recently, for the provision of vessel ownership and management services to investors and financiers.

Our Investor Solutions team would be pleased to discuss your objectives further.

05. Technical management

Navig8 Ship Management provides a broad range of technical management services, spanning tankers and chemical vessels. All services are delivered by our highly experienced and professional onshore team, whose drive to provide the highest quality service is supported by a dedicated crew selection and recruitment centre.

Advanced IT systems provide seamless ship/shore integration, and the business provides transparent and regular technical and cost reporting for owners. With offices in London, Singapore and Mumbai, our global coverage guarantees a quick response, whatever your technical management requirements.

06. Fuels

Integr8 Fuels is a global provider of bunker trading services to shipowners and charterers. We have offices in four time zones, cover more than 400 ports globally with a relationship base of over 270 vetted suppliers, and have access to more than US$900m of supplier and bank credit lines. All this gives you assurance that your bunkering needs will be met in full and to a high standard.

Uniquely, our supplier relationships are bolstered by our role as an end-user. As exclusive trader/broker for Navig8’s entire pool fleet, we optimise bunker fuel procurement by aggregating demand and using this purchasing power to offer competitive bunker prices – both to the pools and third-party customers. These supplier relationships also support our commitment to service quality, which is reinforced by a team that is totally dedicated to swift and efficient claims resolution.

07. Cargo base/contracts

While our sizeable and diverse fleet provides unrivalled versatility to meet the needs of commodity movers, we also understand that commercial flexibility and responsiveness play an equally important part in doing business.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team is customer-oriented and focused on providing charterers with optimal solutions. The depth and breadth of our relationships puts us among the leading tonnage providers to oil majors and commodity traders who find us reliable, consistent and easy to do business with.

A substantial contracted cargo base with leading charterers, which complements relationship-driven business volumes, further demonstrates our track record of delivery for customers. Please contact our Business Development & Projects teamand we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements.

08. Asset management

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial and technical management services that provide investors and financiers with value-adding advisory and/or restructuring support. These deliver management and ownership solutions that balance revenue optimisation with cost management and risk mitigation.

Our Asset Management team would be pleased to discuss how we can support you.