What Makes Us Different

01. World’s leading

  • Largest independent pool and commercial management services provider.
  • Most diverse trading fleet – clean and dirty tanker, chemicals and offshore.
  • Unrivalled fleet size and versatility to meet customers’ needs.

02. Easy to do business with

  • Leading commercial and operational teams with extensive market knowledge.
  • Relationship-focused with an open, flexible approach to business.
  • Breadth of business activities – access to Group expertise ensures highest
    quality of customer service and support.

03. Customer relationships – central to all we do

  • Flexible fleet and approach focused on reliability and responsiveness.
  • Powerful network of charterer relationships – we work with the leading players
    on a daily basis.
  • Broadest, and growing, pool member base – reflection on our approach and performance.

04. Worldwide reach

  • 16 offices located across 4 continents – we provide 24/7 support.
  • Being local brings us closer to customers, pool members and regional markets.
  • Being global enables us to assess broader trends and maximise arbitrage opportunities.

05. An entrepreneurial approach

  • Confidence in our ability to deliver pool revenue outperformance reinforced by activity
    as a charterer.
  • We offer employment optionality to owners – chartered-in vessels get placed
    in relevant pools.
  • Alignment of economic interest with pool members – powerful commitment to
    optimal pool performance.

06. The power of information

  • Size and diversity of fleet and customer base, and global presence, generates huge
    information flow.
  • Trading culture and advanced IT systems enable us to identify and optimise value
    in information gathered.
  • Value transformed into superior cargo planning solutions for customers, and revenue
    outperformance for pool members.

07. Fastest-growing

  • Growth built on commercial, customer-focused approach, service quality and consistent
    revenue performance.
  • Existing and new owners continue to trust us with more, and increasingly diverse,