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Navig8 Group announces the merger of Ship Management services to Suntech Maritime

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The Navig8 Group (“Navig8”) is pleased to announce that from 15 May 2019 its Ship Management division, which provides technical management services to customers worldwide, will come under independent management to create a new company – Suntech Maritime (“Suntech”). Through a private transaction, Suntech will be led by the two former owners of Selandia. Navig8 will remain a core investor of Suntech. The change will enable the ship management services to expand independently of the Navig8 Group.

The current Navig8 Ship Management staff will be retained and transferred to Suntech, including the crewing office in Mumbai.  Suntech will start operating with the 40 ships currently under the management of Navig8 Ship Management. Customers will experience no change in their services and zero disruption during the transition to Suntech. The current DOC will remain in place.

The two incoming Suntech Partners are Capt. Naren Bhatt and Capt. Umesh Thakore, the former owners of Selandia. Both have a proven record of building a successful, first-class brand within the Ship Management sector.

Mr Gary Brocklesby of Navig8 says, “Navig8 has a long heritage of providing the highest quality technical management services to shipowners globally. When considering this transaction, it was fundamental that we found experienced Partners who will uphold our strong technical foundations and customer service values. Transferring to independent management will enable the ship operations to advance to the next level of development, through expansion plans, even greater customer service and the highest standards.

Under the superb leadership of Capt Prashaant Mirchandani, the former head of Navig8 Ship Management, the division’s activities have expanded substantially, including a significant focus on Newbuild Supervision.  Capt Prashaant is a highly valued manager and innovator, and the wider Navig8 Group can now benefit from his expertise by leading a number of initiatives related to IMO 2020 and beyond. We are excited about this next stage of development for Suntech and for the Navig8 Group. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Ship Management team for their hard work and dedication and wish them well for an exciting future under the new management team.”

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